Product Guide


Leather: The main fabric is Leather, other than that we use fleece, cotton, parachute, wool fabric, and several other materials. We have amazing types of leather available. Each has its own unique qualities that will benefit different Fashion styles. A good leather fabric feels warm and soft but is also more sensitive.

Stitching and Designing:

Designers get inspiration and illustrate the jacket's design. It is the step when imagination comes true. We also offer the opportunity of customization. Now you can make your own designs.  The constant hard work of our team is priceless that they implement to meet the expectations of each customer.

Fine Quality

The best quality is our utmost priority. Our brand's core focus is to strictly follow quality and control policy. We plan to make long-lasting products that stay with you over a more extended period and don't fade away quickly.

Size Guide

Please follow the mentioned below size chart.


Washing Guide

  • To wash your leather product use a mild soap, shampoo, or a fabric softener. AVOID your laundry detergent that is quite hard and can cause damage.
  • With gentle hands, squeeze the water from leather apparel and do not twist which may cause the whole garment to wrinkle or crease.
  • Don’t use bleach.
  • If it contains any metal ornaments or accessories, let it completely dry, or it can rust.
  • Apply some leather conditioner if you want.
  • Dry the garment with a towel so the unwanted moisture can be soaked up. Let it dry at room temperature without giving it any heat.
  • Always store your leather products in a cool and dry place.

Fashion Guide

Our fashion guideline is very clear and state of the art. With Trendy jacket gain confidence in your style with fashion styling every look in your closet. Our style relates to the overall image it makes. For example, leather might give off an edgy vibe and our designs and styles can tone it down. If Leather is your style, we suggest you style it in several unique ways with Trendy jackets.