Tony Padilla Quilted Shoulder Leather Jacket

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13 Reasons Why Tony Padilla (Christian Navarro) Quilted Shoulder Black Leather Jacket

13 Reasons Why is a very popular teen drama web series in which a teenager Hannah takes her own life. Clay, a boy who had a crush on Hannah, finds a suicide note that explains the 13 reasons why Hannah took her life. This replica black leather jacket is inspired by the outfit of a character called Tony Padilla who is the best friend of Clay and helps him in dealing with the tragic death of Hannah. You can wear this fabulous Tony Padilla Jacket to boost your personality and also to express your love for this web series. This 13 Reasons Why Jacket is made from fine quality soft leather and it is a perfect outerwear for all casual occasions in the outdoors. Lined with viscose on the inside, this Tony Padilla leather jacket has been designed to keep you comfortable all day long.


  • Inner of viscose
  • Front closure of zipping
  • The quilted part on the shoulders
  • A choice between genuine leather and faux leather
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